ORCA Rocket
This unique beverage holder transforms from a 1 oz and 3 oz shot glass to a koozie for both bottles and cans, and it includes a bottle opener as well!

12 OZ Bottle and Can Beverage Holder

This is unlike any other koozie you’ve ever seen. Welcome the ORCA Rocket, the two-in-one, 12-ounce bottle and can holder that takes your icy cold beverage and keeps it that way. ORCA knows that there’s nothing worse than a lukewarm beer or soda. The ORCA Rocket is built to nest within itself and comes with a bottle opener in the base, which makes it perfect for the beach, the lake, a tailgate, and everywhere in between. With the ORCA Rocket you can rest assured that the last sip you take will be just as refreshing as the first.


Internal Capacity:
Holds a standard 12 oz beer bottle or soft drink can.

3.75” x 10.875” Performance: Maintains the temperature of a cold beverage for up to 12 hours and without outer condensation.

Materials: 18/8 stainless steel food grade body, tough polymer cap, mid-section and base components. Anti-microbial treated neoprene strips line the main chamber to hold both can or bottle firmly in place.

Construction: Double-walled, vacuum sealed. Interior copper clad for superior temperature retention. Base houses a twist top key and bottle opener. Top two components fit together to create a drink base in can mode.

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