Tuesday, April 12, 2016

With over 31 years of experience in the men’s formalwear industry, we’ve answered lots of questions regarding rentals. Over the years some concerns have changed but most have stayed the same. So if there’s a formal event in your future and you’ll have to dress the part, take a look at these frequently asked questions and see if our answers help make your decision easier.


1. Is a rental really more cost effective than a purchase?

Absolutely! The high quality tuxedo or suit that is available for rent would cost you a significant amount more if you were to try and purchase it. Also the rental price includes everything, so for a wedding your guys will not have to go shopping for each individual piece. Plus, if you are wanting your guys to match, it is so much easier to rent the exact same “look” instead of telling everyone to “buy a gray suit.” With all the different shades of gray out there, that gets extremely dangerous!

2. What all is included in a tuxedo or suit rental?

Everything but the socks and underwear! Seriously, we include the coat, pants, shirt, cuff links, button studs, shoes, tie, and either a vest, cummerbund, or suspenders in all our orders.

3. Will a rental fit me correctly?

Yes! Since we’re a small, family owned and operated company, we can adjust quickly to style trends and our customers’ size needs. We have an extensive inventory of slim-fit, modern-fit, and traditional-fit tuxes and suits. Our coat sizes range from a child’s 4T to a men’s 72-Long, with the correlating pants and accessories of course. For children sized 1T to 3T, we sell tuxedos and suits that match our men’s styles, and for men sized above a 72, we can always order items in. Each of our stores are staffed with talented alterations specialists who can tailor each order to fit you perfectly every time!

4. If I’m needing menswear for a wedding and my groomsmen all live in different places, how will their orders be placed?

Regardless of where your groomsmen live, have them go to their nearest menswear store and ask to be measured (everyone in the industry provides measurements as a courtesy service). Then have the groomsmen give us a call with their measurements, and we’ll reserve their orders. On the week of the wedding, when you all come in to pick up the orders, we’ll make sure every guy tries on his tux or suit and if anything doesn’t fit correctly we’ll have our alterations specialists make the necessary changes.

5. How far ahead of time do we need to reserve a rental?

This is another area where it helps to be a small business! We own all our inventory, and it is stored in our Nashville warehouse. So if you need a tux or suit for an event taking place tomorrow night, we can get it for you! For weddings and larger events, it’s never too early to start selecting your desired styles and colors. However, we do recommend coming in at least 2 to 3 months before the event date to make sure the items you want get reserved.

Hopefully these answers helped you have some peace of mind when it comes to renting menswear. If you have any other specific questions for us, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 615.750.5324. We can’t wait to help you get ready for the next special event in your life!

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